Friends of Melton

Your opportunity to support Adult Jewish Learning and to strengthen our learning community!

Membership is renewed annually in the Fall.

Our Goals

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is committed to the continuity and to the advancement of the Jewish Conversation.  Membership in our Friends of Melton Association will strengthen our community for years to come while participating in inspiring educational and social programs.  While continuing to learn together through shared study and discussion we enrich our minds, our souls and our lives

Members will be recognized among the many who want to perpetuate great Jewish learning opportunities.

Our Impact

Students find that Melton-Style learning becomes a lifelong passion:

“Together we take the initiative to continue the vision of Florence Melton and work towards ensuring the future of this important international network of Jewish adult learning.” – Rose Weitz founder of International Friends of Melton

Our Benefits

Members of the Friends of Melton can take advantage from the following Melton learning savings:

Level Benefit Amount
Scholar 10% off Melton Scholars Classes. Fully Tax Deductible. $36/year
Sage 15%  off Melton Scholars Classes. Fully Tax Deductible. $75/year
Enlightened 20% off Melton Scholars Classes. Fully Tax Deductible. May use as a couple. $180/year
Meltonian 25% off Melton Scholars Classes. Fully Tax Deductible. May be used as a couple. $360/year

Support Friends of Melton

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Memberships to Fit Everyone's Needs

Whether you’re just starting a family, recently moved to the area or are looking to become more connected to the local Jewish community, the JCC is the perfect place to build meaningful connections with your neighbors.