Melton Scholars Classes

By the request of Melton Graduates, these classes have been written by local Scholars as well as the scholars that the  Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Classes meet for 90 minutes weekly and are topical and vary in duration.  There have been over classes offered in several locations over the years covering the gamut from the Arab-Israeli Conflict to the Timeless Messages brought by loss to Biblical study.

Our Goals

To further to teach the common roots and experiences of pluralistic Judaism as Core Curriculum while also offering classes with focused short term goals and class duration. To bring relevancy to Jewish learning in the contemporary world.

Our Impact

There have been more than 60 Melton Scholars Classes offered in our Federation which have reached over 125 members of our community who have not yet taken Core Melton along with more than half of our Melton graduates taking part in a Melton Scholars class.

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