Melton Core Classes

Designed by scholars from the Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, our world-class, university-quality curriculum examines Jewish texts in English to explore Jewish ethics, practices, history, ideas, and values.


Classes meet for two hours once a week. The two-year Melton program consists of 30 weekly classes each year. There are no prerequisites, grades, or exams. Graduates receive a Certificate of Jewish Studies from Hebrew University and are eligible to participate in all Melton graduate courses, alumni events, and an optional seminar in Israel.

Our Goals

  • To teach the common roots and experiences of pluralistic Judaism
  • To convey core and meaningful Jewish knowledge appropriate for all forms of Jewish commitment
  • To stimulate reflection and critical thinking about Judaism in a non judgmental, interactive setting
  • To bring relevancy to Jewish learning in the contemporary world
  • To empower informed, independent Jewish learners to explore and to define what Judaism means
  • To inspire Jewish leadership, service, and engagement

Our Impact

  • 300+ local graduates
  • 100% of our students say Melton has broadened their Jewish knowledge
  • 97% now feel more a part of their Jewish community
  • 78% become more aware of their Jewish identity

“Melton increased my knowledge in a significant and meaningful way. I now want to learn more and study more. Because of the course, I now feel more confident in educating my children about Judaism.” – Melton graduate, 2009

“I have begun studying Hebrew and intend to become Bat Mitzvah in the next two years. Prior to Melton, I didn’t think this was possible for me. Now it feels impossible not to take this step.” -Melton graduate, 2009

Memberships to Fit Everyone's Needs

Whether you’re just starting a family, recently moved to the area or are looking to become more connected to the local Jewish community, the JCC is the perfect place to build meaningful connections with your neighbors.